Cave Johnson, here!
Were the sounds you got for you computer taken directly from you owning the game (and having the sound files), or did you find a place to download them? A-and could you share the link. *v*

((OOC: I used Youtube Downloader to get them. I found Portal videos with the sounds I wanted, downloaded that and, separated the specific sound file I wanted from the parts and converted it to a wav file. :3))

((Changed my computer sounds to Portal 2 sounds.))


((i did that last week… now whenever my laptop’s battery is low it makes that buzzer sound))

((That’s awesome. XD Whenever a download or something is completed it’ll go “So much space. Gotta see it all.” And whenever I empty the recycle bin you’ll hear Wheatley’s voice and it’ll say “Wait. What if this hurts? What if this REALLY hurts?”))

((Changed my computer sounds to Portal 2 sounds.))
((OOC: Okay, yeah. I’m a liar. THIS is the last out of character post.))

((Okay, so I was messing with my computer, and what did I discover? I could change the sounds. Like it’s start up sound, error sound, etc. Not only that, but I can record sounds and use those sounds too. You know what this means?

Oh yeah.

Portal sound effects.))

((OOC: Last ooc post, I swear. I’m working on learning ‘Still Alive’ and ‘Want You Gone’. I have all the right hand notes for ‘Want You Gone’, and I’m working on getting the left hand notes and putting it together. :3))

((OOC: Another OOC post. :L))

((But I had to share this amazing video.

((OOC: FACT.))

((Roleplaying Cave Johnson > Homework.

It’s true.))

Life gave me lemons; what should I do?

Make lemonade!

No, you know what? Lemme be honest with ya.

You give life back it’s damn lemons, ‘cause you know what? I don’t want ‘em!



Actually, that’s a good idea. A combustible lemon. Can I get someone to make that, please?

But Wheatley is! And he is most deffinetly not a moron. And he would probably not kill everyone.
On purpose, anyway.


Well, son, I can’t have probably.

Cave Johnson needs the best. So why don’t you go back to doing…whatever it is you do…and I’ll get back to you.

I probably won’t though.

Don't listen to him, Mr Johnson.
That particular employee has a history of mental illness and is currently taking medicine for it.
Everything is proceeding splendidly.
The cat experiment is working quite well.

If you say so.
Really, now? Excellent! That’s what Cave Johnson likes to hear!